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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in Stormhold.
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from Stormhold which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

A Chest Terror
A Hulking Salamander
A Treatise on Conjuration
Archiovianix the Scion of Darkness
Battlepriest Alexandria
Battlepriest Greyhorn
Blacksmith Brigg
Compendium of Armaments
Defiled Lord Benfield
Defiled Lord Byron
Defiled Lord Dyana
Defiled Lord Garinok
Defiled Lord Penwright
Defiled Lord Reinhold
Defiled Lord Steingrove
Ground Spawn
Guard Captain Hess
Gynok Moltor
Hephinntari the Scion of Destruction
Locksmith Jarl
Lord Androus
Lord Gydak
Marksman Trainer Quintos
Qelinatias the Scion of Pain
Runethar Hanest
Sentry Maxillian
Squire Gregor
The Char Fiend
The Corpse Hunter
The Orator
Tome of Deceit
Tumarinan the Scion of Suffering
Watch Captain Gylar
Watcher of the Horde
a blackblood ooze
a blackblood salamander
a bone blood arcanist
a bone blood imp
a bone blood lookout
a bone blood soldier
a boneblood fisherman
a caveroot horror
a condensed mist
a cornered kohlrat
a crazed ghoul
a crazed kohlrat
a defiled acolyte
a defiled bishop
a defiled blacksmith
a defiled cavalier
a defiled crusader
a defiled jailor
a defiled keeper
a defiled knight
a defiled lancer
a defiled locksmith
a defiled priest
a defiled protector
a defiled sentry
a defiled squall
a defiled squire
a defiled storm lord
a defiled tempest
a defiled torrent
a deranged tormentor
a dirt crawler
a dust crawler
a fanatic inquisitor
a fascinated prisoner
a feign zombie
a fetid goo
a fire storm
a gelatinous cube
a ghoul
a ghoul canite
a guardian writ
a Gydak elite
a Gydak minion
a horde knight
a life leech
a mimic
a rot zombie
a sand storm
a scorched skeleton
a scrounging zombie
a sealed strongbox
a skeleton archer
a small life leech
a tunneling zombie
a wandering ghoul
a water storm
a zombie handmaiden
a zombie knight
an anguished prisoner
an ice storm

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