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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in The Pillars of Flame.
Chain Armor (Head)
Plate Armor (Hands)
Cloth Armor (Hands)
Plate Armor (Head)
Cloth Armor (Head)
Leather Armor (Hands)
Leather Armor (Shoulders)
Plate Armor (Shoulders)
Chain Armor (Shoulders)
Cloth Armor (Shoulders)
Leather Armor (Head)
One-Handed Slashing
Buckler (Shield)
Great Hammer
Plate Armor (Legs)
Plate Armor (Legs)
Chain Armor (Legs)
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from The Pillars of Flame which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

Admiral Marcus
Afaf Rabi'ah
Brigand Bug'Tug
Burning Paws
Captain Ihmin
Captain Kamt
Cherise the Sensible
Chi Ho, Cousin of the Sky
Chief Char'Nik
Chief Gar'Nik
Defender Tsu'Ma
Derk Dietrik
Durgan the Brute
Erilis Windsister
Fat Piu, Father of the Day
Graeae the Astute
Ground Spawn
Guerrilla Lorkil
Hadil Windsister
Jack Theardium
Lady Andriath
Limestone Defender
Magi Yiglarr
Magwep the Seer
Maluvea the Witch
Mar'Tuk the Sandscrawler King
Master Akuno Beslin
Master Irudan Ortai
Master Ko
Master Windul
Old Master Kakaru
Overseer Lujk
Peddler Otis
Raissa the Insightful
Raja the Sunspeaker
Ruqayya the Harpy
Samirah, Lady Naga
Scarei the Scornfeather
Seared Eyes Anther
Servant of Samirah
Shaman Nas'Mhal
Shamaner Triv'La
Siu Chun, Mother of the Night
Sorcerer Ti'Mm
Tan'ke Rei, the Pillar Guardian
Thauz the Exiled
The Ghost of Dukar
The Guardian of Eldonis
Thomasa the Wise
Trooper Gar'Tan
Wa, Brother of the Sun
Wai Yuk, Cousin of the Sea
Zhao Wu
a Blades guard
a blanketfish
a bloodthirsty piranha
a Char'Gin citizen
a Char'Gin fisherman
a Char'Gin sentry
a Char'Gin watcher
a dazzling selkie
a desert lunatic
a desert prophet
a desert spirit
a djinn pillar keeper
a djinn pillar sentinel
a djinn pillar sweeper
a dusty tornado
a flame tornado
a flame torrent
a flame twister
a gilded sunfeather falcon
a golden sunfeather falcon
a great sandstalker sabertooth
a Kromtorr archmagi
a Kromtorr lieutenant
a Kromtorr magi
a Kromtorr soldier
a large blanketfish
a lesser djinn
a luminous selkie
a Naruem flame fiend
a Naruem sister seer
a Naruem sister soldier
a parched desert lunatic
a parched desert prophet
a petulant crocuta
a pile of rocks
a pointed marlin
a radiant selkie
a resplendent selkie
a sand pike
a sand shark
a Sandfury apostle
a Sandfury brute
a Sandfury elder
a Sandfury protector
a Sandfury visionary
a Sandscrawler bandit
a Sandscrawler defender
a Sandscrawler diabolist
a Sandscrawler diplomat
a Sandscrawler diviner
a Sandscrawler excavator
a Sandscrawler hunter
a Sandscrawler marauder
a Sandscrawler miner
a Sandscrawler raider
a Sandscrawler shaman
a Sandscrawler shamaner
a Sandscrawler shamanite
a Sandscrawler soldier
a Sandscrawler sorcerer
a Sandscrawler summoner
a Sandscrawler trooper
a sandstalker sabertooth
a sea pike
a searing scorpion
a searing scorpion broodling
a silt shark
a Steelcrown battleguard
a Steelcrown harasser
a stunning selkie
a sunfeather falcon
a sunstrider gazelle
a sunstrider gazelle fawn
a sunvenom cobra
a tormenting thoughtbleeder
a torrid raptor
a Windsister bladefeather
a Windsister dustfeather
a Windsister jaggedfeather
a Windsister raider
a Windsister razorfeather
a Windsister stormfeather
an armored searing scorpion
an Ashen diplomat
an Ashen Disciple
an Ashen Disciple instructor
an Ashen Order elite
an Ashen Order master
an Ashen Order monk
an elder sunstrider gazelle
an enlightened desert lunatic
an enlightened desert prophet
an Ortallian citizen
an Ortallian sentry
the goblin Warclerk

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