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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in Antonica.
Great Sword
Item Pattern
Leather Armor (Head)
Plate Armor (Hands)
Spell Autoattack Weapon (Focus)
Cloth Armor (Feet)
Chain Armor (Hands)
Leather Armor (Chest)
Chain Armor (Feet)
Great Spear
Leather Armor (Head)
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from Antonica which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

Advisor Pandrus
Animator Rotpaw
Animator Z'Apha
Bra'ak the Reptile
Cantile Digglefiz
Gawar the Bad
Ghost of Vhalen
Grolven Chiptooth
Ground Spawn
Holly Windstalker
Irisor the Insane
King Klicnik
Lord Rison
Mayor Woodbridge
Priest of the Plaguebringer
Renux the Undying
Rodcet Nife
S'Lithe Pyhrris
Sarkin Searfang
Scholar Al'Quylar
Sentry Crawln
Sentry Elmsley
Sentry Geddis
Sentry Oates
Tactician Mengs
Tark Searfang
The Darkpaw Fanglord
The Putrescent Anathema
The Scarecrow King
The Two-toed Rat
The Windstalker Rumbler
Viragos, Assassin of the Hand
Watchman Haggerty
Watchman Loxley
a beaded lizard
a bear cub
a Blackburrow invader
a blight oak
a Bloodsaber agent
a Bloodsaber Corruptor
a Bloodsaber courier
a Bloodsaber poxreaper
a bloodsaber seditionist
a blue widow spider
a brigand leader
a calcified skeleton
a Caltorsis backripper
a Caltorsis cleric
a Caltorsis knight
a Caltorsis magi
a Caltorsis protector
a Caltorsis watchman
a Cavemaw grub hunter
a Cavemaw rock melter
a Cavemaw tamer
a Cavemaw tunneler
a cistern worm
a Coldwind barracuda
a coldwind gunner
a Coldwind Lunker
a Coldwind manta ray
a Coldwind octopus
a Coldwind perch
a coldwind pike
a crazed scarecrow
a crimson falcon
a dale snake
a dankfur dock warden
a dankfur gnoll
a Dark Coven conjuror
a Dark Coven witch
a darkclaw crab
a Darkpaw animator
a Darkpaw brigand
a Darkpaw brute
a Darkpaw lookout
a Darkpaw mongrel
a Darkpaw mystic
a Darkpaw pack leader
a Darkpaw pup
a Darkpaw rotstuffer
a Darkpaw rune caster
a Darkpaw shaman
a Darkpaw soldier
a Darkpaw tribal elder
a Darkpaw war leader
a Darkpaw youth
a Deathfist marauder
a decaying skeleton
a defiled squire
a den mother
a fallen knight
a false widow spider
a feral timber wolf
a forest warden
a giant bat
a giant bear
a giant kodiak
a glade deer
a granitescale basilisk
a grime covered savage
a grizzled badger
a Hart of the Grove
a haze kodiak
a highwayman
a hulking stalker
a kingsnake
a klicnik mite
a klicnik prince
a klicnik scurrier
a klicnik warrior
a klicnik worker
a kodiak
a large moat rat
a lowland badger
a lowland gecko
a lowland viper
a Malevolent Viper
a mausoleum protector
a moat rat
a mutated luclinite beetle
a mutated pond glider
a mutated rat
a Necrosis auger
a Necrosis conscript
a Necrosis shrew
a patchcraft keeper
a pig
a plaguebringer acolyte
a pond beaver
a pond glider
a Primordial Malice cultist
a Primordial Malice cursespinner
a Primordial Malice shadowknight
a Pyre Elemental
a Qeynos gravewatcher
a red tailed hawk
a restless Caltorsite
a riled grime fury
a riled storm rumbler
a risen protector
a root strangler
a rotstuffed scarecrow
a Sabertooth battler
a Sabertooth camp guard
a Sabertooth captor
a Sabertooth darkstrider
a Sabertooth elder
a Sabertooth Hero
a Sabertooth mongrel
a Sabertooth neophyte
a Sabertooth Pack Lord
a Sabertooth rune caster
a Sabertooth runt
a Sabertooth sentinel
a Sabertooth shaman
a Sabertooth spear guard
a Sabertooth tormentor
a sand covered crab
a sand lurker
a scarecrow guard
a Scorch Storm Elemental
a sea turtle
a shadowed rift watcher
a shadowy stag
a shifty farmer
a small skeletal brat
a sodden skeleton
a sonic shrieker
a sparrow-hawk
a spongiform zombie
a stalking timber wolf
a stone rumbler
a stonejaw lizard
a tainted wolf
a tamed rumbler
a thicket lizard
a thistle viper
a thorn briar
a thrashing spirit
a tidewalker goliath
a timber wolf
a timberclaw gnoll
a toxin ravaged rodent
a traitorous farmer
a wandering bat
a Windstalker citizen
a witherstraw scarecrow
a young brown bear
a young kodiak
a young timber wolf
an ancient octopus
an Antonican stag
an earth burrower
an earth rumbler
an earthcrawler
an elemental tempest
an Ember Elemental
an enraged mantle walker
an enraged stonespren
an enraged wolf
an ironbelly rabbit
an oar grappler
an overland woodcutter
an undergolem
an Unkempt harbinger
animated hops
drakota adept
stinky dankfur gnoll

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