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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in Kaladim.
Item Pattern
Plate Armor (Head)
Cloth Armor (Shoulders)
One-Handed Slashing
Cloth Armor (Shoulders)
Cloth Armor (Head)
Chain Armor (Chest)
Plate Armor (Feet)
Leather Armor (Chest)
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from Kaladim which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

Captain Bangboom
Captain Powboom
Chiselmaster Unekee
Commander Ursus
Crackbak the Scavenger
Great Grenadier Gonga
Ground Spawn
Iron Lord Kraxxaxis
King Caertex
Picklord Ryjeka
Queen Varronik
Reverend Rutzkill
The Avatar of Serilis
The Klaw
The Master Miner
The Ringmaster
Whipmaster Kragnak
a Boombottom lookout
a Boombottom lugger
a Boombottom patcher
a Boombottom spectator
a Boombottom spotter
a Boombottom tosser
a Boombottom vault bomber
a crusty mine rumbler
a crystal construct
a Deadwatch exorcist
a Deadwatch puritan
a Deepforest grizzly
a Destructon alcove guardian
a Frothbark lunatic
a Frothbark lurker
a Frothbark watchdog
a Frothbark whipcracker
a Grundin beast tamer
a Grundin bouncer
a Grungetalon blacksmith
a Grungetalon chipper
a Grungetalon chopper
a Grungetalon director
a Grungetalon elite guest
a Grungetalon foreman
a Grungetalon gemcutter
a Grungetalon gemmaster
a Grungetalon geoanimator
a Grungetalon geochanter
a Grungetalon infuser
a Grungetalon lifter
a Grungetalon miner
a Grungetalon mixologist
a Grungetalon packer
a Grungetalon picklord
a Grungetalon pickmaster
a Grungetalon porter
a Grungetalon reviver
a Grungetalon spectator
a Grungetalon tinkerer
a Grungetalon treasurer
a Grungetalon usurer
a Kaladim codex
a Kragbak battler
a Kragbak channel lord
a Kragbak chanter
a Kragbak elite guest
a Kragbak gladiator
a Kragbak guardian
a Kragbak howler
a Kragbak shaman
a Kragbak soldier
a Kragbak spectator
a Kragbak spirit howler
a living chest
a mine rumbler
a pile of rubble
a Quaketail brewer
a Quaketail brewmaster
a Quaketail vendor
a Rampart trainer
a ratillik Cathedral defiler
a Ratillik cleric
a Ratillik elite guest
a Ratillik high priest
a Ratillik overseer
a scarestirge
a Serilian believer
a Serilian knight
a Serilian noble
a serpent of We
a shaker
a Shrool harmonizer
a Shrool harvester
a Shrool nurturer
a Shrool porter
a Shrool sporeknight
a Stonemunch crusher
a Stonemunch hammerer
a Stonemunch pulverizer
a Sunless alchemist
a Terrok armsmaster
a Terrok bartender
a Terrok berserker
a Terrok bouncer
a Terrok bulwark
a Terrok cartographer
a Terrok citadel guard
a Terrok clerk
a Terrok customer
a Terrok drill master
a Terrok elite guest
a Terrok enforcer
a Terrok foundry guard
a Terrok gambler
a Terrok gate enforcer
a Terrok gate guard
a Terrok gladiator
a Terrok growler
a Terrok guard
a Terrok lifter
a Terrok mine guard
a Terrok quartermaster
a Terrok recruit
a Terrok sentinel
a Terrok sentry
a Terrok sergeant
a Terrok spectator
a Terrok strifelord
a Terrok warlord
a Terrok watcher
a Terrok watchman
a trampler
a treasury patron
an ancestral spirit
an enraged rubbler
an escaped spirit
an off duty Grungetalon
an off duty Terrok
element of earth
the ghost of Blyle Bundin

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