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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in Tenebrous Tangle.
Cloth Armor (Head)
Spell Autoattack Weapon (Focus)
Spell Autoattack Weapon (Focus)
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from Tenebrous Tangle which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

Breeder Cho'kor
Breeder Nurzon
Championess Pollenica
Drippy Darkpaw
Gazer Atrocity
Ground Spawn
Hive Colonizer
Hurricanus the Patriarch
Oculus Drone
Overseer Gantuz
Princess Bzzie
Queen Bazzt Bzzt the 200th
Queen Zilina the Deposed
Reaver Vurnaz
Scavenge Master
Stormscreech Thundermaw
The Beeholder
The Creature from the Black Pond
The Gloompall Hag
The Skywatcher
The Soundless Guardian
Zyivt'koz of the Portals
a bee
a bee serf worker
a bzzt bixie attendant
a bzzt bixie courtier
a bzzt bixie defender
a bzzt bixie hatchling
a bzzt bixie soldier
a bzzt bixie stinger
a bzzt bixie worker
a cloudyeye detector
a cloudyeye gawker
a cloudyeye surveyor
a deadly bloodbloom
a delicious fly
a devout reaver
a gazer constrainer
a Gloompall breezebender
a Gloompall crone
a Gloompall gustbreaker
a Gloompall windscratcher
a herald of Dar
a hewn stone drake
a hulking gorg
a mega bixie brute
a Primordial Malice cultist
a riled grime fury
a riled storm rumbler
a rumbling tide walker
a savage wyrm
a Scaleborn ambusher
a Scaleborn breed director
a Scaleborn breed observer
a Scaleborn breeder
a Scaleborn sentry
a Scaleborn stonesetter
a Scaleborn warrior
a sentinel bladehand
a skywatch reaver honorguard
a squalburst drake
a stonesetter overseer
a storm cell
a Strifewing raptor
a summoned frightling
a swoop serpent
a tanglefly
a territorial gorg
a Thulian dreadknight
a Thulian terrorlord
a thundermaw drake
a torpid bloodbloom
a treasure guardian
a twilight gorg
a vicious gazer
a Vornerus intruder
a Vornerus manaweaver
a Vornerus spellspinner
a vultak scrounger
a wicked gazer
an azure drake
an azure drakeling
an elemental tempest
an enraged mantle walker
an enraged stonespren
an ethereal yellow jacket
greater tempest drake

This page uses player-submitted Loot data from the Dragon’s Armory "Armory Tracker" ACT Plugin developed by Dedith.   
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