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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in The Clefts of Rujark.
Item Pattern
Dungeon Maker Item
Plate Armor (Feet)
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from The Clefts of Rujark which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

Adept Gak
Adept Nihx
Adept Shrakt
Advisor Nazgoth
Ambassador Vuzur the Blackened
Azhahkar the Gatecaller
Blademaster Thul
Commander Nagrat
Crimson Cackler
Far Seer Vokkal
Gorakhul the Annihilator
Ground Spawn
Overlord Korkakth
Queen Marrowjaw
Rakurjahl the Warbringer
Rujark Cleft Commander
Rujark the Broken Lord
The Overseer
The Prison Warden
Warlord Tcholak
Watcher of Ferocity
Watcher of Valor
Zirp the Delusional
a Blackened thrall
a blademaster initiate
a Captive Coin laborer
a Captive Coin Trademaster
a captured sand raptor
a carrion ooze
a Crushbone arcane master
a Crushbone caller
a Crushbone invoker
a Crushbone necrolyte
a Crushbone ravager
a Crushbone reaver
a Crushbone shadowcaster
a cyclopean prisoner
a Deathfist battleguard
a Deathfist brute
a Deathfist butcher
a Deathfist enforcer
a Deathfist savage
a Deathfist scalper
a Deathfist sentinel
a Deathfist warlord
a Dervish trader
a Marrowjaw cackler
a Marrowjaw consort
a Marrowjaw howler
a Rujarkian slave
a Scornfeather stormcaller
a Spiritbound apothecary
a Spiritbound mystic
a Spiritbound shaman
a Steelslave ambusher
a Steelslave captain
a Steelslave cook
a Steelslave crafter
a Steelslave enforcer
a Steelslave laborer
a Steelslave mauler
a Steelslave packmaster
a Steelslave taskmaster
a Steelslave toiler
a Steelslave vanquisher
a Steelslave watcher
a Thrall of Nihx
an unseen sentry

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