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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in The Sinking Sands.
Cloth Armor (Head)
Plate Armor (Head)
Chain Armor (Head)
Leather Armor (Head)
Chain Armor (Head)
Leather Armor (Head)
Buckler (Shield)
Spell Autoattack Weapon (Focus)
Thrown Weapon
Spell Autoattack Weapon (Focus)
Secondary, Ranged
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from The Sinking Sands which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

Ab'zheri, the Djinn Lord
Allidax the Ancient
Bindi the Croc Hunter
Broog the Banished
Captain Amruq
Captain Dojinn
Captain Faaman
Captain Girth
Captain Samiel
Captain Taj' Neth
Dalgin B'Dynn
Devotee Sornith
Dune Digger
Earmuck the Cleaver
Grimleech the Mutated
Ground Spawn
Grubgnaw the Gatherer
Harbinger Siyuth
Herald Zydul
Imi-ra Ahketan
Lady Samiel
Messenger D'Zok
Muergoth the Overguard
Mythwail Hullcrasher
Navigator Aramis
Oracle Ostet
Plod the Enforcer
Proselyte Sitheer
Scribe Shivik
Sergeant Ironwood
Sergeant Shoreguard
Sergeant Sul' Dath
Singepaw the Spotter
Stomp the Sweeper
The Brood Matriarch
The Grim Lasher
The Maniac
The Prophet
The Sul' Dal Blademaster
The Withered Watchman
Trudge Smashboot
Voice of the Desert
a Baldoras camel
a Baldoras camel herder
a Baldoras hunter
a barbed swordfish
a Blades guard
a Blaze Elemental
a bloodless pirate
a bull crocodile
a burdened Rujarkian raider
a cadaver scarab
a caiman
a coastal caller
a crocodile hatchling
a crocodile matron
a crypt mummy
a decaying soldier
a decrepit ghoul
a deepwater caiman
a deepwater crocodile
a dervish beachcomber
a dervish croc hunter
a dervish cutthroat
a dervish pit fighter
a dervish pit regulator
a dervish spectator
a dervish thug
a desert lunatic
a desert madman
a desert maniac
a desert raptor
a desert tarantula
a dry bones skeleton
a dune scarab
a dune spider
a dune spiderling
a dune tarantula
a dustwhip scorpion
a Faro' Nuk hyas
a Faro' Nuk mercenary
a Faro' Nuk soldier
a festering adept
a forlorn specter
a ghoul
a glyphskull skeleton
a Gold Gripper
a Hafasal camel
a lesser mummy
a loot lurch
a mummy
a Noxious Lacerator
a pit bouncer
a pit trainer
a plated digger
a putrescent defacer
a Pyre Elemental
a Raj'Dur raider
a Raj'Dur ruffian
a Raj'Dur scoundrel
a reclusive stingray
a red piranha
a Rujarkian brute
a Rujarkian collaborator
a Rujarkian gambler
a Rujarkian highwayman
a Rujarkian highwayman leader
a Rujarkian pit fighter
a Rujarkian pit guard
a Rujarkian protector
a Rujarkian raider
a Rujarkian sentinel
a Rujarkian spectator
a Rujarkian spiritist
a Rujarkian warrior
a saltwater crocodile
a Samiel arsonist
a Samiel buccaneer
a Samiel corsair
a Samiel marauder
a Samiel negotiator
a Samiel outcast
a Samiel outfitter
a Samiel outlaw
a Samiel pillager
a Samiel pirate
a Samiel plunder guard
a Samiel plunderer
a sand scarab
a sandcrack gravedigger
a Sandscrawler grunt
a Sandscrawler magus
a Sandscrawler mender
a Sandscrawler thief
a Scorch Storm Elemental
a sea splash
a sea spray
a sentinel of Anuk
a shade prowler
a shriveled mummy
a shrouded pounder
a shrouded pulverizer
a sinister ghoul
a skeletal cobra
a skittish scarab
a spectre
a Sul' Dal axefury
a Sul' Dal bladefury
a Sul' Dal foci
a Sul' Dal friar
a Sul' Dal infiltrator
a Sulite arbiter
a Sulite bishop
a Sulite tjat
a sun-baked skeleton
a toxic cobra
a virulent red piranha
a whale shark
an Albino Prowler
an Alliz Raef Ew champion
an Alliz Raef Ew defender
an Alliz Raef Ew knight
an Alliz Raef Ew lookout
an Alliz Raef Ew oracle
an Alliz Raef Ew prophet
an Alliz Raef Ew raider
an Alliz Raef Ew scout
an Alliz Raef Ew seer
an Alliz Raef Ew shaman
an Alliz Raef Ew slaver
an Alliz Raef Ew zealot
an Amal'an camel
an Amal'an camel herder
an Anaz Mal carcass
an Anaz Mal coercer
an Anaz Mal diviner
an Anaz Mal guardian
an Anaz Mal mauler
an Anaz Mal safeguard
an Anaz Mal scavenger
an Anaz Mal scrapper
an Anaz Mal soothsayer
an Anaz Mal suppressor
an ancient caiman
an Anuk' Sul advocate
an Anuk' Sul augur
an Anuk' Sul chancellor
an asp
an awaiting pit fighter
an elite Samiel guard
an embalmed apostle
an Ember Elemental
an escaped Rujarkian pitfighter
an exiled Kromtorr
an expedition leader
an oasis bandit
an overwatcher
an unliving augur
an unliving healer
an unliving lieutenant
an unliving lookout
an unliving sergeant
an unliving soldier
an unliving theurgist
an unliving tracker
an unliving trooper
an unliving veteran
an unliving vision seeker
the Sage of Sandstorms

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