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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in The Feerrott.
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from The Feerrott which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

A Spirit Master
A Venomous Creep
Bouncer Flerb
Bouncer Fug
Bouncer Hurd
Bouncer Prud
Clurg the Bartender
Cythan the Last
Eye of Thule subservient
Ground Spawn
High Priest of Thule
Japhet L'Zon
Kai Vhri
Keeper Dar'Lek
Keeper Vul'Thos
Manticore Terror Lord
Rallosian Tactician
Sartar the Unrivaled
Shadow of Therik Mu'sah
Silent Wing
Vaz`Gok The Cursed
Veela Chi' Neh
a bitter bloom
a blighted water skater
a brush constrictor
a brush nightstalker
a carrion dreg
a construct of thule
a Damselfly Drinker
a Devout Thule Sattar
a disciple of fear
a disturbed corpse
a domesticated dreg
a domesticated fiend
a domesticated sattar
a Dread Sattar
a Evol Ew assassin
a Evol Ew healer
a Evol Ew mystic
a Evol Ew thaumaturge
a fetid Rallosian allegiant
a fetid Rallosian bouncer
a fetid Rallosian sentry
a forest creep
a fragrant demise
a fragrant seedling
a fragrant sorrow
a glare lord
a glarelord
a greenblood dreg
a horror hound
a Huuptic elder
a Huuptic fetcher
a Huuptic hunter
a Huuptic idler
a jungle forestwalker
a jungle leaper
a marsh damselfly
a marsh deathwing
a Modinite fugitive
a muck dreg
a phantasm
a pungent recluse
a Rallosian allegiant
a Rallosian Footman
a razor tail
a sattar abomination
a songstress assassin
a songstress mender
a spinechiller
a spirit monk
a swamp constrictor
a Swamp Creep
a swamp feeder
a sylph guardian
a Tae Ew Afflicter
a Tae Ew assassin
a Tae Ew conscript
a Tae Ew fury
a Tae Ew healer
a Tae Ew high guard
a Tae Ew infiltrator
a Tae Ew Magus
a Tae Ew mystic
a Tae Ew pillager
a Tae Ew raider
a Tae Ew sentinel
a Tae Ew Shifter
a Tae Ew thaumaturge
a terror wraith
a thrashing spirit
a thule sattar
a thulian affliction
a Thulian bouncer
a Thulian cenobite
a Thulian Magus
a Thulian protectorate
a Thulian rage
a Thulian ravage
a thulian skater
a Tillia charmer
a Tillia sorcerer
a Tillia wardess
a toxic water skater
a vicious ripper
a Vicious Shredder
a wetland damselfly
an amygdalan warrior
an edge glider
an elite Rallosian templar
an Evol conscript
an Evol Ew defender
an Evol Ew disciple
an Evol Ew Headhunter
an Evol Ew mender
an Evol Ew sorcerer
an Evol Ew Thulian neophyte
an Evol Ew underhand
an Evol Ew warder
an Evol follower
an Evol protectorate
an Evol Ritualist
an underbrush fiend
cursed disciple

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