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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in The Lesser Faydark.
Item Pattern
Plate Armor (Head)
Plate Armor (Forearms)
Chain Armor (Shoulders)
Plate Armor (Feet)
Leather Armor (Feet)
Cloth Armor (Chest)
Cloth Armor (Feet)
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from The Lesser Faydark which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

Ail the Elder
Alameth Ludd
An Essence of Growth
Arch Druid Zappodill
Avatar of Growth
Captain Trueshot
Cognoggin 5000
Corporal L'Zat
Dragoon Lt. K'Geth
Duchess Maareanna
Equestrielle the Corrupted
First Lieutenant T'Vyls
Fist of Air
Fist of Fire
Fist of Water
Ground Spawn
Guard Captain Gruffitt
High Dragoon N`Mar
High Priestess Y`Lask
Inara's Channeled Corruption
Ironwood the Cruel
Jalloi Kaatia
Lynn Q'Tentu
Myronos Zosimos
Old Dimshimmer
Paariio Huttoo
Ranger Aldarys
Ranger Oast
Sage Delkkunn
Sage Duppoditt
Sage Grappodutt
Taerenun Malvyr
The Honeybrood Hive Queen
The Myconid Prince
Truffle Snuffler
Wenjii Glittermoon
Xylem the Unflexible
a brownie arcanist
a brownie blackguard
a brownie champion
a brownie conscript
a brownie defender
a brownie forager
a brownie herbalist
a brownie invoker
a brownie mage
a brownie myrmidon
a brownie operative
a brownie oracle
a brownie patroller
a brownie preserver
a brownie prophet
a brownie protector
a brownie rake
a brownie sage
a brownie sentry
a brownie thug
a brownie trickster
a brownie warrior
a corrupted Growth essence
a crystalline construct
a dire wolf
a fae defender
a fae drake archon
a fae drake bonesnapper
a fae drake curate
a fae drake curator
a fae drake hatchling
a fae drake invoker
a fae drake mender
a fae drake warrior
a fae drake whelp
a faewood arbiter
a faewood arcanist
a faewood evoker
a faewood oracle
a faewood protector
a fayllian arcanist
a fayllian curator
a fayllian diviner
a fayllian evoker
a fayllian kibitzer
a fayllian prankster
a fayllian protector
a fayllian safeguard
a fayllian trickster
a fayllian vicar
a fungusman prisoner
a gladehoof defender
a gladehoof myrmidon
a gladehoof protector
a gladehoof warrior
a greedy bandit
a grovespirit acolyte
a grovespirit caller
a grovespirit defender
a grovespirit hierophant
a grovespirit stormchanneler
a Growth slither
a guardian of growth
a honeybrood alpha
a honeybrood drone
a honeybrood royal guard
a honeybrood stinger
a honeybrood worker
a lesser Growth essence
a mature unicorn
a monarch fae drake hatchling
a myconid curator
a myconid defender
a myconid harvester
a myconid mage
a myconid papal
a myconid warrior
a myconid watcher
a myconid zealot
a nightblood invader
a Nybright convict
a Nybright thug
a shadowed man invader
a shambling auspex
a shambling wanderer
a sharpthorn prophet
a sharpthorn soothsayer
a sharpthorn stickler
a summoned minion
a Thexian agent
a Thexian apothecary
a Thexian archon
a Thexian channeler
a Thexian deceiver
a Thexian demonologist
a Thexian dragoon
a Thexian lieutenant
a Thexian raider
a Thexian scribe
a Thexian soldier
a treespirit barkstripper
a treespirit crusher
a treespirit dirtcaller
a treespirit piercer
a treespirit seer
a treespirit thumper
a vicious dire wolf
a void beast invader
a war-torn apparition
a werewolf pack leader
a wizard of growth
a young unicorn
an acolyte of growth
an elite Thexian dragoon
an enraged stonespren

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