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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in The Commonlands.
Leather Armor (Feet)
Plate Armor (Hands)
Plate Armor (Legs)
Cloth Armor (Head)
Cloth Armor (Feet)
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from The Commonlands which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

A Tortured Maid
An Overcharged Emanation
Anders Blackhammer
Captain Gaer
Captain Garglass
Captain Ogof
Captain Surestout
Commander Du'Nar
Commander Grik'Sna
Commander Ralio
Frund the Big Grin
General Vhar'Taug
Ground Spawn
Guard Bellicus
Guard Calog
Guard Fimi
Guard Laurio
Guard Navera
Guard Quintix
Guard Trimalchio
Guard Viridix
High Priest of Val`Marr
Icsillinatis the Marrow Fiend
Jyrok the Stone
Kason Withershadow
Kregnok Legbreaker
Lady Anyanka Polevshi
Lieutenant Vrah'Kna
Lightbringer Wisp
Lucanic Knight Initiate
Mithaniel Marr
Ohrgran Foulgore
Scout Calvus
Scout Nonius
The Underwurm
Unlinked Items
Vurog Ma'gar
a banded armadillo
a black wolf
a Blackshield assassin
a Blackshield brute
a Blackshield cleric
a Blackshield smuggler
a Blackshield thug
a Blaze Elemental
a Bloodskull lumberjack
a Bloodskull mason
a Bloodskull messenger
a Bloodskull mystic
a Bloodskull negotiator
a Bloodskull orc
a Bloodskull priest
a Bloodskull scout
a Bloodskull shaman
a Bloodskull soldier
a Bloodskull tamer
a Bloodskull tower guard
a Bloodskull warrior
a brittle skeleton
a bull elephant
a bull rhinoceros
a burly armadillo
a calcified skeleton
a carrion hawk
a carrion hound
a carrion hound pup
a cleric of Gunthak
a cow
a deceitful apostle
a Dervish assassin
a Dervish cutthroat
a Dervish go-between
a Dervish heretic
a Dervish outlander
a Dervish ruffian
a Dervish thaumaturge
a Dervish thug
a Dervish zealot
a digger wasp
a drakota adjutant
a dregs sneak
a dregs vagrant
a duststinger
a dusty cadaver
a fallen apostle
a fallen champion
a fallen crusader
a fallen defender
a fallen diplomat
a fallen disciple
a fallen guardian
a fallen orc
a fallen orc lieutenant
a Festering Cadaver
a fierce carrion hound
a freshwater crab
a ghostly orc
a ghostly orc messenger
a giant grove wisp
a giant spider
a giant vulrich
a gloom snake
a grove wisp
a grunt of Ree
a hulking fire beetle
a huntsman
a kerran rogue
a kerran vagrant
a lost soul
a marrow sapper
a massive emerald beetle
a mere guardian
a Militia guard
a mith deer
a molting scorpion
a monitor behemoth
a monitor lizard
a moon wisp
a patchcraft keeper
a phantasm of Odox
a pirate of Gunthak
a plains elephant
a plains hunter
a putrid cadaver
a Pyre Elemental
a Qeynosian protector
a Qeynosian scout
a raider of Gunthak
a raider of Ree
a rhinoceros
a riled grime fury
a riled storm rumbler
a rock lion
a rock lioness
a roekillik digger
a rotting cadaver
a rumbling tide walker
a runner of Ree
a sandstone giant
a sandtail jackrabbit
a savanna deer
a savanna lion
a savanna lioness
a savannah kudu
a Scorch Storm Elemental
a scourge rat
a seafaring swashbuckler
a shadowed rift watcher
a shadowy stag
a Shin`Ree avenger
a silt eater
a small emerald beetle
a small pike
a speckled rattler
a spectral defender
a stone beetle
a stone snake
a strangely stitched zombie
a Thexian dragoon
a Thexian excavator
a Thexian rebel
a tortured soul
a twistroot spectre
a twitching cadaver
a virulent leper
a war elephant
a young silt shark
a young vulrich
an advanced scout of Ree
an ancient wood-boring beetle
an earthen tumbler
an elemental tempest
an elephant
an Ember Elemental
an enraged mantle walker
an enraged stonespren
an orc emissary
an orc runner
an undergolem
drakota adept

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