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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in Zek, the Orcish Wastes.
Cloth Armor (Shoulders)
Chain Armor (Shoulders)
Leather Armor (Shoulders)
Chain Armor (Shoulders)
Spell Autoattack Weapon (Focus)
Thrown Weapon
Cloth Armor (Shoulders)
Leather Armor (Shoulders)
Plate Armor (Shoulders)
Leather Armor (Shoulders)
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from Zek, the Orcish Wastes which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

A Sullon lieutenant
Arialla Clearsong
Brother Raster
Deadwood Bellow
Driver Ughar
Exiled Captain
General Lutzgorg
Ground Spawn
Grumzod the Exile
Gurk Strongarm
Krig Stonestance
Moog the Overlord
Nixam Dugdiggle
Orcish Heretic
Orcish Proselyte
Sentry Goorlux
Slumber Paw
Terkus the Raidleader
The Spirit of the Lake
Vatook Masher
Vigo Cerebus
a Blackhook raider
a bracken sprite
a brittle tender
a cave adder
a Crossed Swords clay dervish
a daggertooth shark
a Deathfist beater
a Deathfist Captain
a Deathfist Crusher
a Deathfist defender
a Deathfist equite
a Deathfist escort
a Deathfist moat cuda
a Deathfist protector
a Deathfist runesmith
a Deathfist salvager
a Deathfist savage
a Deathfist sentinel
a Deathfist templar
a Deathfist timbersmith
a Deathfist toiler
a Derris cryptologist
a Derris trooper
a disturbed corpse
a diviner sprite
a Drunder trooper
a dust adder
a dust viper
a Forgotten Illusionist
a forgotten ranger
a forgotten warden
a gorge huntress
a gorge panther
a Gorynn trooper
a Green Hood dweller
a Green Hood enforcer
a Green Hood faithful
a Greenmist first mate
a hill cat huntress
a Hill Cat Matriarch
a Hill Cat Patriarch
a hill cat prowler
a hulking daggertooth
a kelp horror
a mud grappler
a Murk Grappler
a needler
a nymph guardian
a petrified deadwood
a Pit Viper
a riled grime fury
a riled storm rumbler
a rumbling tide walker
a runesmith escort
a scorched trunklord
a shadowed rift watcher
a shadowed servitor
a shoreline scavenger
a silt grappler
a spirit lake rivulet
a Sullon bodyguard
a Sullon centurion
a Sullon chopper
a Sullon defender
a Sullon elite
a Sullon guardian
a Sullon hooligan
a Sullon Lieutenant
a Sullon loader
a Sullon lumberjack
a Sullon outlaw
a Sullon outlook
a Sullon rationeer
a Sullon seer
a Sullon veteran
a tainted scorpion
a Tallon catapult operator
a Tallon field cook
a Tallon forager
a Tallon grunt
a Tallon Legionnaire
a Tallon mechanic
a Tallon medic
a Tallon patrolman
a Tallon raider
a Tallon spotter
a Tallon trooper
a Tallon warpriest
a timber grizzly
a valley deer
a Vallon Blacksmith
a Vallon builder
a Vallon centurion
a Vallon cryptologist
a Vallon grunt
a Vallon hatchetman
a Vallon loader
a Vallon lugger
a Vallon miner
a Vallon Mystic
a Vallon prospect
a Vallon quarry elite
a Vallon quarry sentry
a Vallon road guard
a Vallon Savage
a Vallon seer
a Vallon sentry
a Vallon Surveyor
a Vallon undersmith
a waste grawler
a withered odeum
an Arialla mystic
an Arialla protector
an Arialla sooth
an Arialla sorcerer
an Arialla templar
an Arialla thaumaturge
an elemental tempest
an enraged mantle walker
an enraged stonespren
an equite recruit
an Exiled Spy
an exiled traitor
an orc bodyguard
an orc escort

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