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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in Butcherblock Mountains.
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from Butcherblock Mountains which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

Aqua Goblin Oracle
Bridge Captain Sternshanks
Churlchorl the Odious
Dragoon Lt. V'Riv
Feagon Jornstoff
Featherseer Tolmak
Grotbag the Despicable
Ground Spawn
Guard Banning
Guard Gasden
Hessek Thornton
Nowa Jess
Overseer Torvik
The Krulkiel Champion
The Undead Bishop
The Undead King
The Undead Knight
The Undead Queen
Warbird Jarkin
Warlord Enregak
Warlord Ozobrek
Windcaster Ortan
Wolfmaster Dulkyr
Xvithith Gik
Zyvkis the Befouler
a barbtail ray
a canyon shriller
a carnivorous graniteback
a coastal basilisk
a crab
a dust crawler
a frenzied gorger
a granite beetle
a Gul'Thex cutthroat
a Gul'Thex pathfinder
a Gul'Thex revenant
a Gul'Thex savant
a Haoaeran advancer
a Haoaeran assaulter
a Haoaeran emissary
a Haoaeran lightchanter
a highland crawler
a hungry sawtooth
a Kaladim bridgekeeper
a Kaladim road guard
a Kragploom ambusher
a Kragploom chick
a Kragploom egg watcher
a Kragploom elder
a Kragploom emissary
a Kragploom enigmatist
a Kragploom farseer
a Kragploom guardian
a Kragploom hoodwink
a Kragploom hunter
a Kragploom predator
a Kragploom raptor
a Kragploom scavenger
a Kragploom screecher
a Kragploom sentry
a Kragploom spiritseer
a Krulkiel archer
a Krulkiel basher
a Krulkiel berserker
a Krulkiel carver
a Krulkiel grunt
a Krulkiel looter
a Krulkiel marauder
a Krulkiel medic
a Krulkiel mystic
a Krulkiel raider
a Krulkiel scout
a Krulkiel sentry
a Krulkiel tracker
a Kurkiel tracker
a mature emerald drake
a metamorphic animation
a Mortartoe miner
a mountain grazer
a mountain shrieker
a Muckflick flogger
a Muckflick mercenary
a Muckflick runner
a Muckflick shocker
a protective basilisk
a pulsing essence
a quarry abomination
a ridge wriggler
a riled grime fury
a rumbling tide walker
a rustfiend
a sea cucumber
a sea slug
a sea slug hatchling
a sedimentary colossus
a Shadesire defender
a Shadesire handler
a Shadesire vanquisher
a Shadesire watcher
a shambled rumbler
a Slagslore ettin
a slatepaw
a small crab
a Stormhammer elite
a summoned construct
a Tavalan archeologist
a Tavalan ritualist
a terratrodder
a thirsty hatchling
a Tidesylph fouler
a Tidesylph idolator
a Tidesylph lamentor
a Tidesylph ritualist
a Tidesylph sentinel
a Tidesylph shriller
a Tidesylph temptress
a tormented growth
a trained scent tracker
a triggered guardian
a wandering anemone
a wandering essence
a war wolf
a Yarpsnarl brute
a Yarpsnarl cutthroat
a Yarpsnarl exile
a Yarpsnarl lookout
a Yarpsnarl marauder
a Yarpsnarl mystic
a Yarpsnarl outrider
a Yarpsnarl ragepaw
a Yarpsnarl raider
a Yarpsnarl ravager
a Yarpsnarl reaver
a Yarpsnarl sacrificer
a Yarpsnarl sapper
a Yarpsnarl scavenger
a Yarpsnarl slayer
a Yarpsnarl theurgist
a Yarpsnarl trailblazer
a Yarpsnarl whelp
a young anemone
an anemone
an aqua goblin
an aqua goblin mystic
an aqua goblin runt
an aqua goblin wizard
an aquagoblin raider
an aviak ambusher
an elder graniteback
an elemental tempest
an elite Krulkiel raider
an elven skeleton
an emerald drake
an enraged mantle walker
an enraged stonespren
an ironbelly rabbit
an unbound construct
an undead pawn
an undergolem
animated obsidian

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