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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in Enchanted Lands.
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from Enchanted Lands which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

Baz'Tarog the Corrupter
Breldig Guzzlesea
Captain Suresail
Chieftain Mermok
Deputy Bumblefoot
Deputy Crookfellow
Deputy Farweed
Deputy Fuzgrout
Deputy Surlip
Deputy Wicksnip
General Bloodburn
Gimble Featherfinger
Ground Spawn
High Warden Tessla
Hobs Fleetfoot
Leelav Yekl
Lodo Bightn
Lula Tagglefoot
Nebble Greenthumb
Nerri Crowtoe
N`Kzak the Unnatural
Oodan the Tranquil
Overseer Ix
Shaydra the Wicked
The Grave Usher
The Sludge Creep
Tilly Tagglefoot
a bloodthirsty lasher
a briarpaw
a briarpaw cub
a corrupted miner
a Countess of Pain
a Crazed Miner
a Darkflight advisor
a Darkflight hag
a Darkflight hellion
a Darkflight initiate
a Darkflight savage
a defiled miner
a defiled villager
a demented Runnyeye medic
a distorted nymph
a fear feeder
a feral lasher
a ferocious lasher
a Fleetfin Seeker
a fleetfin shark
a fog grimmin
a fog grimmin watcher
a fog grimmin whelp
a fright feeder
a giant sand snapper
a giant spearfish
a gnarled creeper
a great briarpaw
a grove badger
a Grove Burrower
a Grungetalon beastrider
a harvest horror
a klakrok drone
a klakrok hatchling
a klakrok soldier
a lamia carver
a lamia charmer
a lamia deathsinger
a lamia temptress
a lamia thrasher
a lancer wasp
a large valetail trout
a mischievous maiden
a Mistcaller Maiden
a Mistcaller mischiefmaker
a Mistcaller siren
a muckfin
a mudclaw crab
a nightblood cleaver
a nightblood hatecaller
a nightblood scourge
a noxious klakrok
a Primordial Malice cultist
a Primordial Malice cursespinner
a Primordial Malice poisonspinner
a Primordial Malice shadowknight
a riled grime fury
a riled storm rumbler
a roekillik digger
a roekillik miner
a rumbling tide walker
a Runnyeye brawler
a Runnyeye chopper
a Runnyeye medic
a Runnyeye mender
a Runnyeye mercenary
a Runnyeye scout
a Runnyeye seer
a Runnyeye spellflinger
a Runnyeye warlock
a Runnyeye warmonger
a salt snapper
a sand snapper
a Seamist fairy
a Seamist maiden
a Seamist sprite
a Seamist sylph
a Seamist warden
a seed of darkness
a seed of obscurity
a shadowed halfling
a shadowed rift watcher
a shadowed servitor
a shoal serpent
a spearfish
a Stench Guard
a suffering lasher
a tainted glider
a thicket deer
a threatening commoner
a twisted creeper
a twisted nymph
a valetail trout
a vanished explorer
a vanished trader
a very mischievous maiden
a void observer
a void shrieker
a void shriller
a void watcher
a warped nymph
a weakened wasp
a withering villager
a young grove badger
an elemental tempest
an elusive hatecrawler
an enraged lasher
an enraged mantle walker
an enraged stonespren
an Essence of Darkness
an impaler wasp
an oakstrider
an oakstrider sapling
an ocean glider
an undergolem
an unruly impaler
an unseasoned briarpaw
defiled farmer
element of water

This page uses player-submitted Loot data from the Dragon’s Armory "Armory Tracker" ACT Plugin developed by Dedith.   
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