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Previewing all items of all levels usable by all classes that drop in The Thundering Steppes.
Chain Armor (Shoulders)
Chain Armor (Forearms)
Dungeon Maker Item
Chain Armor (Forearms)
Chain Armor (Shoulders)
Cloth Armor (Forearms)
Cloth Armor (Shoulders)
Leather Armor (Shoulders)
Leather Armor (Forearms)
Leather Armor (Forearms)
Leather Armor (Shoulders)
Round Shield
Plate Armor (Shoulders)
Plate Armor (Shoulders)
Plate Armor (Forearms)
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from The Thundering Steppes which drop all items of all levels usable by all classes.

Azameil Luresong
Bando Danforge
Braegana the Gailspear
Bruuhl Firerock
Captain Duranas
Captain Ganwail
Captain Krieger
Coy Baomar
Dreyd Flurven
Drinna the Pirate
Eloril Vanandelle
Gawar the Bad
General Linarius
Grinash the Vicious
Ground Spawn
Heather Highguard
Incaulebis the Maleficent
Irisor the Insane
Ott Stompgut
Outland Sentry Conlor
Squire Wimbley
Targan Rockstrider
The Banished
The Bloodless Commander
The Skinchanter
Wiseman Ehuti
Zail the Smoothmane
a beach clamper
a Bloodtooth forestrunner
a carrion gorger
a corpse feeder
a crag writher
a crater fish
a creeping dead
a Dead River eidolon
a Dead River knight
a Dead River manes
a Dead River swordsman
a Deathbone berserker
a Deathbone knight
a Deathbone theurgist
a Deathfist marauder
a disturbed corpse
a drowned captain
a drowned footsoldier
a drowned lieutenant
a drowned trooper
a drowned veteran
a Fallen Ancient
a fallen giant
a fallen goliath
a Firerock Ancient
a Firerock giant
a Firerock goliath
a Firerock guardian
a Firerock scout
a fledgling antelope
a flesh scavenger
a ghostly farmer
a gleam goblin
a glimmer goblin
a gnoll raider
a granite rumbler
a grassland beetle
a Greater Tunneler
a griffawn
a griffin
a highland bloodpaw
a highland huntress
a highland lion cub
a highland matriarch
a highland patriarch
a highland stalker
a hovering deathclaw
a juvenile hawk
a large shore crab
a leg biter
a lightning elemental
a lowland forestcrawler
a marine slug
a mature antelope
a mature hawk
a mighty griffin
a pile of ancient bones
a pile of bones
a pirate
a plains lurker
a plains serpent
a plains snake
a puerile hawk
a Rallosian ghost
a reef stalker
a revenant commander
a revenant scout
a revenant soldier
a riled grime fury
a riled storm rumbler
a roaming dead
a rock writher
a roekillik digger
a roekillik excavator
a roekillik miner
a Rotting Pioneer
a rubble writher
a rumbling tide walker
a Sabertooth chanter
a Sabertooth diviner
a Sabertooth fisher
a Sabertooth forager
a Sabertooth harvester
a Sabertooth hunter
a Sabertooth lookout
a Sabertooth looter
a Sabertooth scout
a Sabertooth soothsayer
a Sabertooth spotter
a Sabertooth tower guard
a Sabertooth tracker
a Sabertooth warrior
a savage weald wolf
a Sea-swept Farmer
a shadow hawk
a shadowed rift watcher
a shadowed servitor
a shallows fish
a shore crab
a silver snapper
a Sister of Sadness
a Sister of Sorrow
a skeletal captain
a skeletal commander
a skeletal footsoldier
a skeletal lieutenant
a skeletal protector
a skeletal trooper
a skeletal veteran
a Skindancer corruptor
a Skindancer defiler
a Skindancer knight
a Skindancer legionnaire
a Skindancer seer
a Skindancer sentry
a small shore crab
a spirited orb
a spirited scarecrow
a Steelhoof forager
a Steelhoof hunter
a Steelhoof invader
a Steelhoof marauder
a Steelhoof mystic
a Steelhoof pariah
a Steelhoof pillager
a Steelhoof prophet
a Steelhoof raider
a Steelhoof seer
a Steelhoof tracker
a steppe beetle
a swarm beetle
a Tesch Mal abductor
a Tesch Mal scrapper
a Tesch Mas brute
a tide octopus
a timber badger
a trained bear
a Varsoon apprentice
a wandering dead
a warlock orb
a weald wolf
a weald wolf pup
a woodland bear
a woodland bear cub
a young antelope
a young timber badger
a young woodland bear
a young woodland kodiak
an accursed rock heap
an alluring siren
an Amazon abbot
an Amazon archer
an Amazon gatherer
an Amazon hedgewitch
an Amazon huntress
an Amazon sharpshooter
an Amazon spearmaiden
an Ancient Shoal Fish
an animated scarecrow
an arisen evoker
an arisen inducer
an earth rumbler
an elder hawk
an elemental tempest
an enraged mantle walker
an enraged stonespren
an enraged strawwalker
an enraged timber badger
an enthralled warrior
an entrancing siren
an immature weald wolf
an Infernal Rock Heap
an irresistible siren
an unbound familiar
an undead caretaker
an undead explorer
an undead farmer
an Undead Overseer
an undead settler
an undead worker
an unearthed settler
an unearthed villager
an unsanctified rock heap
verminous minion

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