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Character Search Results
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Name Adventure (Level) Tradeskill (Level) Server Guild
657867312 Fury (42) Butcherblock Underworld
Aaaa Warden (90) Woodworker (95) Oasis Sol Invictus
Aaaaa Brigand (1) Valor
Aaaaaa Inquisitor (1) Valor
Aaaaaa Templar (1) Crushbone
Aaaaaaa Conjuror (76) Butcherblock Ministry of Silly Walks
Aaaaaaa Brigand (14) Artisan (3) Storms
Aaaaaaa Ranger (1) Freeport Black Flag
Aaaaaaaa Wizard (1) Valor
Aaaaaaaa Guardian (1) Oasis
Aaaaaaaaa Inquisitor (10) Unrest
Aaaaaaaaaa Beastlord (5) Artisan (2) Unrest
Aaaaaaaaaa Coercer (1) Test
Aaaaaaaaaa Berserker (4) Sebilis
Aaaaaaaaaa Wizard (1) Guk
Aaaaaaaaaaa Conjuror (1) Test
Aaaaaaaaaaa Inquisitor (1) Antonia Bayle
Aaaaaaaaaaaa Swashbuckler (1) Crushbone
Aaaaaaaaaaaa Shadowknight (1) Valor
Aaaaaaaaaaaa Illusionist (4) Sebilis