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95 Wizard
Achievements: Live Events
Total Achievements:
983 / 2,170 (45.3%)
19,555 / 41,511 points
Live Events
0 / 51 (0%)
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Achievement Completed
Festive Spirit
Participate in Norrath's holiday festivities.
  • Brewday Festival
  • Bristlebane Day
  • Erollisi Day
  • Frostfell
  • Nights of the Dead
  • Tinkerfest
2 / 6
Achievement Completed
Accomplished Patchcraft Hunter
Slay 250 Patchcraft Creatures.
0 / 250
Accomplished Patchcraft Slayer
Slay 2,500 Patchcraft Creatures.
0 / 2,500
Heroes' Festival
Achievement Completed
Badge of Heroics
Complete each of these Heroes' Festival repeatable quests.
  • A Dream Adventure
  • Aggressive Advertising
  • Festive Flames
  • Heroes' Feast
  • Missing Decorations
  • Shattered Remains
0 / 6
Achievement Completed
Bunny Hoarder
Catch 250 bunnies
0 / 250
Nights of the Dead
Achievement Completed
Closet Full of Skeletons
Craft a mix of Nights of the Dead bone themed house items.
  • Craft a Baneful Bone Arrangement
  • Craft a Baneful Bone Mound
  • Craft a Baneful Skull on a String
  • Craft a Crawling Captive
  • Craft a Creepy Skull Garland
  • Craft a Fearsome Skull Garland
  • Craft a Frightening Bone Fetish
  • Craft a Gruesome Bone Fetish
  • Craft a Menacing Bone Fetish
  • Craft a Petrified Bone Tile
  • Craft a Shackled Human Skeleton
  • Craft a Sinister Candelabra
  • Craft a Sinister Chandelier
  • Craft a Swinging Bone Collection
  • Craft a Threatening Skeleton Display
  • Craft Noxious Skeletons
0 / 16
City Festivals
Achievement Completed
Delivery Ahoy
Complete the Far Seas Requisition: Special Delivery 25 times.
0 / 25
Achievement Completed
Enamored of Erollisi
Complete each of these Erollisi Day quests.
  • Find 'em a Find, Catch 'em a Catch
  • Harts Full of Trust
  • Hearts a'Flutter
  • Love Lines
  • Sacrificial Trust
  • Shot Through the Heart
  • Tainted Love/Heal the Pain
  • Unforgettable
  • What's Love Got to Do With It?
0 / 9
Achievement Completed
Famed Phosphorescence
Craft a set of tinkerfest lighting units
  • Craft a Green Clockwork Lamppost
  • Craft a Green Mechanized Lamppost
  • Craft a Large Tinkered Lamppost
  • Craft a Lava Infused Coreplate
  • Craft a Red Clockwork Lamppost
  • Craft a Red Mechanized Lamppost
  • Craft a Rusty Tinkerer's Lantern
  • Craft a Tinkered Lighting Mechanism
  • Craft a Tinkerer's Lantern
  • Craft a Tinkerer's Mechanokinetic Sconce
  • Craft a Tinkerer's Mining Lantern
  • Craft a Tinkerer's Mining Sconce
  • Craft a Tinkerer's Piezoelectric Sconce
  • Craft an Extensible Ceiling Light
0 / 14
Achievement Completed
Frostfell Fanatic!
Complete each of these Frostfell quests.
  • A Frostfell Favor
  • A Gigglegibber's Work is Never Done
  • Frostfell Decoration Committee: Permafrost!
  • Merry Mischief
  • Raiding the Gifty Storehouse
  • Saving Frostfell
  • The Giftgiver's Dilemma
  • The Tale of the Gigglegibber Grump
0 / 8
Frostfell Feast Delights
Cook up enough Frostfell delights to feed the New Combine army!
  • Craft a Classic Frostfell Mug
  • Craft a Decorative Blue and White Striped Cane
  • Craft a Decorative Green and White Striped Cane
  • Craft a Fancy Apple Pie
  • Craft a Frostfell Baked Ham
  • Craft a Frostfell Gravyboat
  • Craft a Frostfell Soup Toureen
  • Craft a Frostfell Soup Tureen
  • Craft a Moist Fruitcake
  • Craft a Plate of Citrus
  • Craft a Stuffed and Roasted Fowl
  • Craft Figgy Pudding
  • Craft Frosted Apples
  • Craft Frostfell Roasted Veggies
  • Craft Frostfell Shaped Cookies
  • Craft Gigglegibber Cranberry Sauce
  • Craft Mama's Eggnog
0 / 17
Achievement Completed
Full Metal Domicile
Craft a mix of tinkerfest building blocks
  • Craft a Block of Corrugated Wood
  • Craft a Block of Rhodium
  • Craft a Rhodium Floor Plating
  • Craft a Riveted Floor Plating
  • Craft a Rusty Floor Plating
  • Craft a Tall Column of Impacted Metal
  • Craft a Tinkered Carbonite Divider
  • Craft a Tinkered Gold Divider
  • Craft an Illuminated Port Plate
  • Craft an Impacted Floor Plating
0 / 10
Achievement Completed
Fur Finder
Catch 25 bunnies
0 / 25
Achievement Completed
Furiously Fast
Participate in each of the Tinkerfest Aether races.
  • Butcherblock
  • Great Divide
  • Lavastorm
  • Tenebrous Tangle
0 / 4
Nights of the Dead
Achievement Completed
Ghost Hunter Extraordinaire
Participate in each of the Ghost Hunter competitions.
  • Antonica
  • The Commonlands
0 / 2
Achievement Completed
Gnomachine Too Complicated
Complete each of these Tinkerfest quests.
  • Foray Into Ulterior Mechanica
  • Friendly Competition
  • Great Balls of Fire
  • If They Only Had a Brain
  • Redd the Reticent Tinkerer
  • The Legend of the Geargobbler
  • Tinkerfest Cheer
0 / 7
Achievement Completed
Great Candy Grabber
Participate in each of the Frostfell Candy Grab competitions.
  • Antonica
  • The Commonlands
0 / 2
Handcrafted Gifts to Give
Craft a mix of Frostfell gifts to share with others.
  • Craft a Cracked Leather Present
  • Craft a Festively Banded Frostfell Stocking
  • Craft a Frostfell Carol Greeting Card
  • Craft a Frostfell Feast Greeting Card
  • Craft a Frostfell Wishes Greeting Card
  • Craft a Green Frostfell Stocking
  • Craft a Pink and Red Frostfell Bow
  • Craft a Purple and White Frostfell Bow
  • Craft a Red and Gold Frostfell Stocking
  • Craft a Red and Green Striped Frostfell Stocking
  • Craft a Red Frostfell Stocking
  • Craft a Red Woolen Scarf
  • Craft a Ribbon Clad Wrap of Doom
  • Craft a Ribbon Clad Wrap of Gloom
  • Craft a Small Purple Present
  • Craft a White Woolen Scarf
0 / 16
City Festivals
Achievement Completed
Harvesting Hoopla
Complete the Far Seas Requisition: Special Order Gathering 25 times.
0 / 25
Achievement Completed
Holiday Lights
Create a plethora of holiday lights to brighten your home in celebration of Frostfell.
  • Craft a Large Green Snowdrift Candle
  • Craft a Large Purple Candle
  • Craft a Large Red Peppermint Candle
  • Craft a Large White Peppermint Candle
  • Craft a Regal Frostfell Sconce
  • Craft a Small Purple Candle
  • Craft an Imposing Gold Wall Sconce
  • Craft an Imposing Silver Wall Sconce
  • Craft Blue and White Hanging Fairy Lights
  • Craft Festive Frostfell Candles
  • Craft Festive Frostfell Snowflake Garland
  • Craft Green and Red Hanging Fairy Lights
  • Craft Green and White Mounted Fairy Lights
  • Craft Merry Frostfell Candles
  • Craft Red and White Mounted Fairy Lights
  • Craft Regal Frostfell Snowflake Garland
0 / 16
Achievement Completed
Honorary Gigglegibber
Complete each of these Bristlebane Day quests.
  • Bristlebane Bounce: Sinking Sands
  • Bristlebane Day Snack Snatcher
  • Gigglegibber Scavenger Hunt
  • Gnary a Joke to Tell
  • Ratical
0 / 5
Initiate Patchcraft Hunter
Slay 100 Patchcraft Creatures.
0 / 100
Initiate Patchcraft Slayer
Slay 1,000 Patchcraft Creatures.
0 / 1,000
City Festivals
Achievement Completed
Kella Caffeinated
Complete the Far Seas Requisition: Special Order Crafting 25 times.
0 / 25
Achievement Completed
Master Patchcraft Hunter
Slay 500 Patchcraft Creatures.
0 / 500
Master Patchcraft Slayer
Slay 5,000 Patchcraft Creatures Creatures.
0 / 5,000
Nights of the Dead
Achievement Completed
Nights of the Dead Devotee
Complete each of these Nights of the Dead quests.
  • A Nightmarish Illness
  • A Nightmarish Return
  • Survive the Night
  • The Haunting
  • The Troubling Truth
  • There Will Be Ghosts
  • This Won't End Well...
1 / 7
Achievement Completed
Patchcraft Destroyer
Slay 10,000 Patchcraft Creatures.
0 / 10,000
Patchcraft Killer
Slay 25 Patchcraft Creatures.
0 / 25
Rabbit Nabber
Catch 100 bunnies
0 / 100
City Festivals
Achievement Completed
Requisition Acclamation
Complete each of these City Festival quests.
  • Far Seas Requisition: Special Delivery
  • Far Seas Requisition: Special Order Crafting
  • Far Seas Requisition: Special Order Gathering
0 / 3
Achievement Completed
Snack Attack
Participate in the Snack Snatcher event in Enchanted Lands and gobble down 100 or more goodies in a single round!
0 / 1
Nights of the Dead
Achievement Completed
Tricky Treats
Cook up a mix of Nights of the Dead decorations and treats.
  • Craft a Bowl of Chum
  • Craft a Bowl of Ghoulash
  • Craft a Bruised Flesh Pumpkin
  • Craft a Creepy Candylabra
  • Craft a Femur Meal
  • Craft a Moldering Pumpkin
  • Craft a Platter of Pestilence
  • Craft a Pumpkin Pie
  • Craft a Sad Bruised Flesh Jack-o-Lantern
  • Craft a Sad Moldering Jack-o-Lantern
  • Craft an Oversized Candy Corn
  • Craft Nights of the Dead Frosted Cookies
  • Craft Scary Candied Apples
0 / 13
Achievement Completed
You Jelly?
Participate in the Bristlebane Bounce event in Sinking Sands. Bounce your way to victory on the gelatinous cubes, and score 90 points or more in a single round!
0 / 1
A Plethora of Pranks
Craft up a number of festive Bristlebane Day baubles to amuse your friends!
  • Craft a Brilliant Bristlebane Day Robe
  • Craft a Brilliant Bristlebanesque Banner
  • Craft a Folly of Mask
  • Craft a Misbehaving Mask
  • Craft a Rivervale Keg Table
  • Craft a Trickster's Dartboard
  • Craft a Two-Story Halfling Ladder
  • Craft an Oversized S'Mores Skewer
0 / 8
Conniving Confections
Cook up some quirky Bristlebane Day dishes from your Perfectly Serious Items to Craft books!
  • Craft a Bottle of Dessert Wine
  • Craft a Bottle of Fine Red Wine
  • Craft a Bowl of Party Dip
  • Craft a Bristleberry Pie
  • Craft a Goblin Tasted Apple
  • Craft a Head of Cabbage
  • Craft a Mystery Meat Platter
  • Craft a Rivervale Butter Churn
0 / 8
Achievement Completed
Can't Hold Their Liquor
Participate in the Beer Guardin' event in Butcherblock and knock over 110 goblins or more in a single round!
  • Beer Guardin' score of over 110
  • Beer Guardin' score of over 115
0 / 2
Drunk Level: Dwarf
Complete each of these Brewday repeatable quests.
  • Ale Goggles
  • Brell's Everlasting Brew
  • Deep Within Hammerhall
  • Snoogle's Presentation
  • Thurgadin Ice Brew
0 / 5
Festive Furniture
Craft a full set of Brewday furniture
  • Craft a Blue Luminescent Stone Torch
  • Craft a Brass Cup of Celebration
  • Craft a Green and White Brewday Streamer
  • Craft a Halasian Brewday Counter
  • Craft a Maj'Dul Double Ale Rack
  • Craft a Rivervale Upright Keg
  • Craft a Trellised Double-Keg Stand
  • Craft a Trellised Pint Shelf
0 / 8
Pub N' Suds
Brew bold beverages! Concoct lively libations! And whip up some tasty pub food to help wash it all down.
  • Brew a whole case of Aged Port
  • Brew some ale in a Pressurized Pint Mug
  • Brew up a bottle of Maj'Dul Merlot
  • Brew up a bottle of Sovereign Blanc
  • Brew up a bottle of Temple Street Tonic
  • Brew up a Brewer's Sampling Jug
  • Brew up a Stone Ale Jug
  • Cook up a Brewday Meat Pie
  • Cook up a plate of Bangers and Mush
  • Cook up a plate of Corned Beef and Veggies
0 / 10
The Great Brewday Pub Crawl
Have a handcrafted Brewday beverage from each of the following locations. These lively libations are available for purchase from vendors only during the Brewday celebration!
  • Drink a Drunkdrinker's Distilled Spirits from Butcherblock dock
  • Drink a glass of Jim's Hardjum Cider from the Enchanted Lands dock
  • Drink a glass Punch from the Timorous Deep dock
  • Drink a Sweet Wheat Ale from Windstalker Village
  • Drink a Thunderweisen from Thundering Steppes dock
  • Drink a Warm Sake Bomber from the Isle of Mara
  • Drink some Moonshine from Commonlands Crossroads
  • Drink some of Brell's Own Brew in Brell's Bar
0 / 8
Achievement Completed
Cherished Confections
Simmer up some sinfully sweet side dishes
  • Assemble a basket of perfect pomegranates
  • Bake a batch of Erollisi cookies
  • Bake a batch of Erollisi cupcakes
  • Bake a batch of Erollisi Marrsipan
  • Bake a batch of Erollisi Marssipan
  • Cook up some taffy
  • Craft a box of assorted white chocolates
0 / 7
Lovely Lacquer
Craft a full set of Erollisi Day furniture
  • Craft an Erollisi Day bed
  • Craft an Erollisi Day chair
  • Craft an Erollisi Day couch
  • Craft an Erollisi Day rug
  • Craft an Erollisi Day table
  • Craft an Erollisi Day tapestry
0 / 6
On Wings of Love
Participate in the Hearts a'Flutter event in Antonica or Commonlands and score 110 points or more in a single round
  • Hearts a'Flutter score of over 100
  • Hearts a'Flutter score of over 110
0 / 2
Rose-Tinted Obsession
Craft ten Erollisi Day decorations featuring roses
0 / 10
A Rose by Any Other Name...
Hand out 25 roses to fellow adventurers. Collecting a rose will begin you on your Romantic Reputation quest.
0 / 25
Make That A Bouquet
Hand out 100 roses to fellow adventurers
0 / 100
No Love Lost Here
Hand out 250 roses to fellow adventurers
0 / 250
A Sea of Roses
Hand out 500 roses to fellow adventurers
0 / 500
Romeo's Got Nothin' On Me
Hand out 1000 roses to fellow adventurers
0 / 1,000
Achievement Completed
Time Traveler
Successfully explore and defeat villains from Norrath's past.
  • Lower Guk
  • Nagafen's Lair
  • Ocean of Tears
  • Plains of Karana
  • Qeynos Gates
  • Qeynos Ruins
  • South Desert of Ro
  • Steamfont Mines
3 / 8

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