Dethdlr's Adornment Calculator Reborn!   Powered by EQ2U!

At long last, I finally got around to updating my adornment calculator. The original one was all coded in
JavaScript simply because it's what I had available to use at the time. But since then, Feldon and I have created
EQ2U which gave me a much better infrastructure to work with. The new one is a complete re-write from the ground
up with none of the original code used. It should be much easier to maintain and update.

There have been many new features added to this version of the calculator which I'll go over below as well as features
from the original. Currently, the calculator only contains the Altar of Malice (level 92+) White, Purple and Cyan adornments.
The Cyan ones can be toggled on and off with a checkbox just above the main table.

The first thing is a familiar choice of showing Adornment Values or Names in the dropdown lists. This comes in handy when you
know the name of the adornment you're looking for. It's also useful when upgrading from older adornments since you
can just match up the name of your already equipped adornment with the name of the new ones.

The next thing on the screen is a choice between restricting adornments by Character or Class. When the calculator
first loads, it shows all of the adornments in the dropdown lists regardless of which classes can use them.
To restrict the list of adornments in the dropdowns, either look up a character or pick the a character's class.
Once you've done that, only the adornments that the character can use will be listed.

If for some reason your character isn't visible in Census, you won't be able to look up your character on the calculator.
In that case, click on the Class radio button, then pick the class in the dropdown menu. This will filter out any
adornments not useable by that class.

Most of the time, you'll want to look up the character by name and server. Once you've loaded a character, equipment
that character is wearing will be displayed along with the item level in the second column of the table, under the
character's name. The column just before each color of adornment will show little pips for each adornment slot on
the currently equipped item. You can hover over the item icons and the pip icons to see the itmes/adornment currently equipped.

When loading a character, obsolete adornments are shown with a snowflake icon. Also, if the equipped item is too low level
to accept higher level adornments, then an X will be shown. Current level equipped adornments will have a checkmark.

A couple of other things to note are with the Primary and Secondary slots. If you have a one handed weapon equipped,
then the second slot will default to saying "One-Handed Primary Weapon Equipped". If you have a two handed weapon
equipped, the secondary dropdown window will default to saying "Two-Handed Primary Weapon Equipped". This was done
based on feedback from beta when blank dropdowns were being shown on fully adorned characters. The info about the
equipped weapons shows that you don't need to pick an adornment for those slots, but still allows you to see the
dropdowns for cases where you may be switchng between a one and two hander, but don't have the new item equipped yet.

Make any desired changes to the adornments listed in the dropdown lists, then click Calculate to see what tokens or crafted
materials are needed to obtain them. There is a checkbox that allows you to skip the already equipped adornments when
performing calculations which lets you just show the changes you made.

When you click Calculate, lists will be displayed of all the adornments you've chosen as well as how to obtain them.
There is a checkbox called "Show Info Text" that allows you to toggle the descriptive text on and off in case you wish
to print the list but dont need to waste the extra papaer.

Below the list of required items to make these adornments, you'll see helpful information about each category of adornment
with further details of what is needed to acquire them, including recipes, tokens, etc.

If there are materials needed in order to make/obtain certain adornments, those will be listed below the cooresponding
color. In some cases, there are sub-components needed to obtain some of the components. For example, Far Seas Kindling
requires 35 Far Seas Ferrin. In those cases, the main sub-components will be shown in parenthesis,
ex. "Far Seas Kindling: 2 (Far Seas Ferrin: 70)

You can always link back to the Adornment Calculator with the form fields pre-populated with your choices by copying the
"Link to these chosen adornments". This allows people to pick out certain adornments and share that list with others.
There's also a box called Copy/Paste List of Adorns that makes it easier to copy/paste a list of
adornments for emailing or pasting in-game.