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Previewing Legendary+ items (excl. Masters) of all levels usable by all classes that drop in Castle Highhold: No Quarter [Raid].
Item Container
Item Container
Item Container
Green Adornment
Green Adornment
Showing a filtered list of NPCs from Castle Highhold: No Quarter [Raid] which drop Legendary+ items (excl. Masters) of at least Level 100 usable by all classes.

Grethah the Frenzied
Grevog the Punisher
Zebrun the Torso
a lair bleederach
a lair enforcerach
a lair protectarach
a lair sorcerach
a Shralok emissary
a Shralok invader
a Shralok medic
a Shralok rioter

This page uses player-submitted Loot data from the Dragon’s Armory "Armory Tracker" ACT Plugin developed by Dedith.   
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